How to make money online for free part -1

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If you are liked for your Sense of Humor among your friends, then this industry may be suitable for you.
How to make money online for free part -1

Idea # 1 Comedy Club
Comedy videos are easily viral. You can also be popular with your talents and earn money too. There are many comedians who are thinking of launching the channel to show their talents. You can make an online comedy club with them.
Idea # 2 Funny Video Library
Funniest videos of children and animals, etc., are quite popular on YouTube and Facebook. There are many people who are looking for such videos for content marketing and you can prepare video libraries for such needs. The startups you want to use for your videos can be licensed from them. You can earn money as a commission.
Idea # 3 online Dance Class
If you are a good dancer and there is also a good teacher, you can use this skill right. You do not even need to be expert for this. If you also have the ability to teach basic dance then it is very good.
Idea # 4 online reality show

If reality shows can be popular on TV then why not online? If you can create reality shows with new and interesting concepts, then you will definitely get the audience.
Idea # 5 Music Love's Group
You can add music lovers together online. Keep in mind that you can not cover all the music genres together, so you have to make the right choice. Such as Honey Singh Music Loveers, Classical Indian Music or Kishore Kumar Fans etc. For this you have to pay special attention to Facebook promotion. It is important to have a website, where people can keep their thoughts. After some time you can also start a mobile app.
Idea # 6 Music School
You can start with a free YouTube channel. YouTube is a good platform for basic learning and people give it priority.
Idea # 7 Party Organizer
Before you come into this business, you have to keep in mind that you have to fix your target audience and only one group will have to serve at one go. For example, whom do you start with, children or young people? Take care of the comfort of the same group at one point.
Idea # 8 Creating Viral Video at Affordable Prices
This business depends on you how many customers you can attract. In the beginning, you can make videos yourself and if your work is going on, you can also get help from professionals. You can fix your rates. If the client gives you storyboards, images and text, then you can charge up to 500 rupees for a one-minute video. If you are doing all the work yourself then you can charge up to Rs 2,000.
Business model
You can earn money with the help of pay-per-click and pay-per-view ads according to your convenience. Apart from this, you can also earn with the help of selling services and related products. If you are planning a long time, you can also partner with big brands, celebrities, production houses and TV channels.
earning potential
If you spend a year with hard work, you can make up to Rs. 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. The team of three or four people can earn up to Rs 5 lakh in less than a year.
Indian people are famous for their craving towards cricket, all over the world. You can use this craze in your own right.
Idea # 9 Cricketer Fan Club
Cricket also works the same way, such as the Entertainment Industry You can create Fan Club by selecting your favorite player.
Idea # 10 Regional Sports Club
The IPL's craze will remove all your doubts. You can create this type of online sports club keeping in mind the area specific.
Idea # 11 News and Trends
You can create a cricket news channel with the help of latest cricket news and interesting facts and so on. You can get audiences from Facebook on your channel, without spending money on marketing.
Idea # 12 Interesting Facts
Apart from the common information, you can collect valuable information on players, their life or cricket, any topic, and make them viral.
Business model
The easiest way is, Google Adsense and Facebook Instant Articles. During the cricket season, you can earn good money through advertisements too. As a long planning, you can sell cricket kit products on your website too. You can also partner with sports brands. It is important that cricket fans increase traffic to your website on a regular basis.
earning potential
You can work as a One Man Army for a year. If your business catches up, then your annual income can be in crores.

Politics has always been a good domain and if you like to discuss and discuss it, then there are many options for you. Indian audiences spend a great time on political discussions on Facebook and Twitter. Supporters of the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party are on the Internet.
What options for you?
You can promote your favorite party with the help of Facebook page. Research based news content on your page can attract viewers. You can also write your views on political facts. Keep in mind that if there is any mistake or mistake in your facts then you may have to face opposition from political parties. So you have to work very responsibly.
Idea # 13 records of government works
You can create an impact by making a record of the good and bad acts of the government. Regarding official plans and promises you can keep the latest updates in front of people regularly.
Idea # 14 News in front of people
Many types of media are already working in the industry and everyone offers the same news in their own way. You can present news to people in a special way through online channels. You can bring various channels and political parties to an online platform.
Idea # 15 App (Mobile or Web)
There is also a great fear of misinformation due to immense information on the internet. You can present the option of a platform for the disclosure of this false and false information and facts.
Business model
Social media is the best medium. You should spend 80 percent of your Facebook page and spend on promotions. You can earn money with the help of display ads. After some time you can also become an influencer; Corporate houses and NGOs can partner with others.
earning potential

If you are able to get ads on your page, then you will get $ 100 for every 10 thousand page views. You can run it alone and you can make 60-80 thousand rupees in one year's hard work. There is no other end to earning this business.



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