How to make money online for free part - 2

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Startups and marketing

How to make money online for free part - 2

The main reason for the success of my online business was content marketing. You can work on many new ideas. You can help many enterprises start a new business, marketing, sales, hiring, and project management.
Idea # 16 extra sources of income
I have decided to start from zero startups to becoming a co-founder of the funded startup, during which I worked as a freelancer on many projects. Last year I left my job, where the contractor was working as marketing head. Now my online business is the main source of my income.
Teach Ideas to Sell # 17 People
The next big issue is, sell the product. If you have experience of sales then you can help others.
The idea designed for # 18 startups
You can also start startup service as a startup. You can design their website and app.
Idea # 19 Hearing And Firing
The choice of good people and the removal of the wrong people from the company are both very important aspects. If your observation is good and you recognize people quickly, then you can help startups by using this skill.
Idea # 20 Content Marketing Without Cost (Organic)
If you can help startups to learn content marketing, then this is a good choice. You can learn content marketing without spending money.
Idea # 21 Digital Marketing (Paid + Free)
Under this, you bring traffic to the website through Facebook and Google Ads. You can learn it in a few months and start a digital marketing agency yourself.
Business model
You can attract enough audiences through Facebook in the first round. Startups can approach you if you are capable of creating viral content.
earning potential
According to your ability, you can charge up to 20-5-thousand rupees for your services.
Media (News & Trends)
You can start online media outlets in your favourite domain.
Idea # 22 Bollywood News
There are already many options in this area, but still, there is space for new things in the market. Still, publishing interesting news related to movie reviews and celebrities can attract people.
Idea # 23 startup news
You can publish the story of the journey of startup and the struggle of their founders etc. People can also inspire them.
Idea # 24 Tech News
If you are interested in new technology and gadgets etc. you can make this work brighter. People like to know and compare the new gadgets in simple language and you can take advantage of it.
Idea # 25 gadget trends
Tech and Gadgets are part of the same domain. You can include both on your portal. You can also work on one of the brand specific products.
Idea # 26 Fashion Trends (Considering some celebrities)
This business attracts a lot of youth. You can prepare a good platform with fashion trends. What is new in the market, this information is always the people's work.
Idea # 27 Stock Market & Business News
News related to the stock market and business are of the people's work and you can get enough of this traffic. You take caution in the selection of news. This is a complex subject and people want to understand it in simple language. In this, you can help people.
Business model
The most prominent means of making money from any news portal is display ads. You can also earn on your websites through product promotion.
earning potential
If you have 10 thousand traffic on your website every month, you will get the money. If traffic is persistent then you can earn from 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees per month within a year.

Technology & Software
It is not difficult to start a business in the tech industry for software engineers. If you have a lack of ideas then you can get help from the example of Stack Overflow Community.
You can choose a topic like this:
Three-d printing
Airduno etc.
Idea # 28 Tech Startup
Ideas is full of this domain. You do not need to hire professionals for product development from the very first day. You can also connect as a co-founder for technical development. If you are good at sales / marketing then you can also learn from yourself.
Idea # 29 Mobile App
If you have a little experience of mobile development then you can try hands.
Idea # 30 Online Community
For real users, communities will always be a reliable source of information. The most appropriate examples are the Reddit, Stack Overflow and Zoomato.
Idea # 31 Tech Blog
You can start the blog after keyword research.
Shopping, Deals and Coupons
Until a few years ago, there was no big market for e-commerce in India, but now people are reliant on it. You can also start your own platform, but in my advice the platforms already existed is a better option.
Idea Cell # 32 on the online marketplace
You can sell any product with the help of Amjon, Snapdeal and PetiMi. You can pick up the product from the market and sell it under your brand. Carefully choose the product and merchandise, otherwise, you will lose your brand name before making it.
Idea # 33 Deal / Coupon / Discount Cell Company
Factors that attract most Indian customers to online marketing are good deals and coupons. Many companies are already working in this market in this market, but still have enough opportunities for you.
Idea # 34 Blog related to shopping
You must make a little research to create a website for this domain and earn money from it. You can also use online medium for learning.
If you have good knowledge of finance then the internet has a lot of options for you.
Idea # 35 Financial Products
You can also sell things like insurance, mutual funds and home loans online. Banks are ready to commission you for this work.
You can also create a product comparison website, where people can choose the most suitable product for themselves. With this service you can also sell the product online through online.
earning potential
You will get a commission on every product's cell. Policy markets, coverfax and bank markets are working on this kind of business model.
Idea # 36 to fill income tax returns website
Very few people know how processes related to the intake work. Most people do not know how to file their income tax returns. You can help them in this work.
earning potential
Typically a fee of Rs 200-500 is charged for an ITR application. This charge for business income is up to Rs. 5000. You can offer more such services. Such as TDS returns and applications for GST. Clear tax and H & R block are working on this model.
Idea blogs or YouTube channels for # 37 advertising earnings
The information related to finance in the newspaper is very common in language and many complications are not explained properly. You can do this work through your blog or YouTube channel.
earning potential
Keeping in mind the Indian audience, you can expect up to Rs 80-200 per 1000 pages views. You can deposit good money through ads on YouTube.
Apart from this, you can also take commission on the sale of the product from your website. Your plan and tax guru are good examples of such blogs.
Idea # 38 Advice on Finance related topics
Generally people would not know where to invest, how tax can be saved, and how to retire planning etc. Here you can work as a financial expert.
earning potential
Financial experts generally charge up to Rs 500-1000 for each visit. This visit is only for 15-30 minutes.

Idea # 39 Selling Subscription Based Premium Content
The content or information available on the Internet is free, it can also be misleading or misleading. To solve this problem, some authors prepare contests through their reliable research and take their fees. You can sell your research reports or e-books for financial products at Rs 50-1000. Jago Investor and Capitol Mind are working on this business model.
Idea # 40 Put together interested ones in finance matters
People who are discussing finance can go to a platform other than from general topics such as retirement and investment.
Idea # 41 Help in Accounting
To help with accounting, you do not have to be a Charted Accountant or a Legal Financial Advisor. It is enough to have a degree in finance or commerce.
Video Blog on Idea # 42 Finance
There is a lack of good videos on finance related topics on the Internet. You can fulfill this shortcoming.
Preparing for Idea # 43 Finance Examination
By sharing your information you can prepare children of Commerce and Finance and help them pass the exam.


This domain is very sensitive. If your information is settled, then only consider working in this field.

Startup idea

Idea # 44 doctors accurate review
People are quite confused about the choice of doctors. Such reviews can be very useful for them.
Idea # 45 discount on high-cost treatment
If you can give some relaxation in a large treatment fee, then this will be a very good step.
Idea # 46 help people unable to afford treatment
Idea # 47 Creating Community to Help Patients
If people reach information, then many people will come forward to help the needy.
Idea # 48 To Create Community To Help Depression Victims
People hesitate to share this kind of problem and you can give an option of an online platform to bring them together. They can also give the right advice for the treatment.
Blog Idea
Idea # 49 Men's Health Blog
Idea # 50 Women's Health Blog
Idea # 51 Pregnancy Care Blog
Idea # 52 Baby Health Blog
Idea # 53 Organic Living Blog
Idea # 54 blog related to home remedies


While working in this sector, you should have accurate information about your audience. It is only appropriate to target a particular class. Research is essential on what students are searching for the most. You can start a Career Counselor business as soon as possible.

Idea for startup

Learning of children from Idea # 55 online games [5-15 years]
Idea # 56 career counseling [15-21 years]
Idea # 57 to pass competitive examinations
Idea # 58 to get government jobs Counseling
Idea # 59 Counseling for Employment [Job Training]

Blog Idea

Idea # 60 Review of school facilities (Labs, software, activity products)
Review for Idea # 61 Parents
Idea # 62 review of extracurricular classes and activities
Idea # 63 Blog on Moving Children and Parental Relations


Every month, 'Online Jobs in India' is searched for 11 thousand and 'Government jobs' more than 15 thousand. You can choose the subject of the blog through keyword research.

Startup idea

Idea # 64 Online Solved Papers for Large Government Examinations
Idea # 65 portal for field-specific jobs
For example, the content writer or creative writer's full-time and freelance jobs.
Idea # 66 Resume Making Services
Idea # 67 Personality Development and Interview Training

Blog Idea

Idea # 68 Government Jobs Information and Updates
Idea # 69 Tips for Getting Government Jobs
Counseling for the exact preparation of Idea # 70 examinations
Special Counseling for Idea # 71 Fell Pupils



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